Jazzy Self

Don’t let my jazz pull you out of your place just because you don’t understand where I’m coming from.


Meet Jack

    I describe the “Entity” as one of allegory(like a depiction.) As you continue your ventures down social media avenue keep this general concept close to your conscience.

    You will be stricken first by an image. This image is designed to invoke the curiosity of masses. One, that by design, that will strike you emotionally. You will then be led by a path of discovery and emotional openness towards a concept or an idea that you have already established a feeling and a bias towards. This, in laymen terms, particularly in advertising, is what we should describe as “getting your attention”.
    Once “hooked”, your attention is then driven at the behest of an unobservable entity that shares no affinity or allegiance with/to you, your family, or your way of life. It simply exists for personal gain. This entity is well educated and experienced beyond your lifetime of experience. It weaves a tale of emotional dissidence(the urge to go against or fight back).

    This entity thrives on division. It will mandate for you an enemy. It will rely on your own expressions for you to create for others, a certain animosity for your way of thinking, or rather, your alienated emotions that have been manipulated by premeditation of said random and unknown entity. By design and practicality, you will describe these emotions as beliefs, arguments, or even debates. You will back your statements with personal experience, religion, and even your own individuality.

    Following a natural path of discovery you are presented with contextual statements via images, videos, and texts. During this process of consciousness the entity is able to fixate itself within your own emotions. You are then subconsciously able to perpetuate a prefabricated message that is meant for delivery to the masses. The fact of the matter is, that you are not alone. Your feelings are validated by the millions of people that share your views and you are justified in your onslaught of beliefs simply by a degree of association. There is an ambiguity between beliefs and emotions that we tend to share. We are made to feel, and we feel we believe.

    We are a special group of combined generations that are able to discover all possibilities while utilizing only our fingertips. We are fully open to new discoveries. Every discovery that has ever been made is within our grasp. We are still naive to this new ability. We are young and influential. It is often with ignorance that we reach out with our discoveries. We strive to express ourselves while we lose ourselves. It seems to me that the more we express ourselves the more we question, or turn against the beliefs that have been handed down to us.

    I find my views ever lacking, and longing for backing. I strive for commitment and understanding but I find no solid ground. Thus I am ever changing in my beliefs and my responses to the world around me. I actively find no commitment towards my feelings and I offer no desirable insight towards modern thinking and expression. I can see only one tangible reality for humanity worth prideful consideration. We should read from more sources and express less of what we feel. You probably don’t know Jack and neither do I.

    I propose we call the entity Jack. And keep in mind that we don’t know this guy. We should not let him into our homes or near our loved ones. So let’s stop talking like we know these things we think we know and just remember there’s a guy named Jack that told us all this negative and hateful stuff so that he could divide us into quarreling factions that he might sell his warez to both us and our enemies. This reality is not my own creation, just an observation.

    We are all victims of Jack. There is no absolution from this. I offer one piece of advice to combat this totalitarian, mind-controlling, self preserving predator that manifests all walks of media. Cite for yourself at least one other resource before you post your feelings. Those feelings might not be your own creation. Try Google. It helps merit strength and validity. I’m personally sick of making a fool of myself by buying into well produced single sources of negative influence. We’re not really that stupid. We’re just tricked into feeling that way.


A last breath will fade as all breaths do. In the end, what is left of you is what you do. Creation is grand, yet is always a speck in the sand. Live for love to know no fear. We are creators of life and the founders of all beginnings. We traverse the ocean we call life, upright, full of  strife. One day to the next, we are explorers, explorers of consequence. We wonder with amazement and incite amazement while working wonders. “The end is nigh” while the now is absolute and unattainably fleeting. It is always now, the beginning of all creation. Till we depart there will always be sanctions upon our shores . We tear down so that we may build up, destroyers of future’s past, creators until our end. It is now that we create while tomorrow is the time that we will relate. Learn today what you’ll make of tomorrow. For tomorrow you will learn that today’s fate, a grain upon your beaches, is exactly what you have willed it to be. The hour glass of each passing day is the beaches lining your shore. Consequences are of your own accord. Make of them what you will them to be and tomorrow shall be a fruitful day.

the Ego vs the Spirit

I’m taking a stab at expressing this. I’ll do it in the first person, not that I’m trying to make a statement about myself but w/e. My intellectualism derives from my spiritual self. My intellectual self does not describe my spiritual self. I feel how I believe but I do not believe in perpetually trusting my feelings(personally). I feel through my spirit but express through my intellect. My intellect may not always be correct but my spirit is not wrong. If I tell you something it’s because it is real, even if I am mistaken in my expression or understanding..
That’s a lot to follow. I’ll make sure I got it right after I wake up but I am not describing me, but us.. I want people to know that our expressions are simply our egos and our egos are undeniably wrong all the time. It’s okay to be wrong when you’re right and visa-verse. That is why we are supposed to see through our differences. Get along now..

I would express this in a better way or more detail but non-locality of our consciousness is tough to explain. Watch ‘The Quantum Activist’ documentary if you want your mind blown.

A Jest to the Fool

I make no claim of bread

No steed for dough, nor yeast of old

Nor flour sold


I’ll likely tell a sorrowful tale

No place for light, no room for haven

In darkness bold I’ll give no warning


Ask for not, I make no offer

Except that of distraught

For that which is lost


I’ll send a tithing with dirges

And scripts with smudges

I’ll give to you a story true

One best told with a tear of sorrow

Misery enough for one good ear

I’ll give to you this atmosphere


In courts of old you may find me wise

In courts of new jesters will make fun of you


I’ll make for you neat a travelogue

In guise of wealth yet incomplete

In alleyways dark you’ll find yourself

Never to be found again


I speak to you.  Do not listen

I show to you.  Do not look

What you may want from me could never be

What I offer is fallacy

To take from me is foolhardy

Undeniably foolhardy

Tarzan and the Human Condition

Tarzan learns to turn on a car with a key.

He drives the car until it shuts off.  “I know!” he cries out.  He turns the key but the car does not start.

Tarzan learns that cars need gas so he needs to figure how to get gas in the car.  When he does, he turns the key and then drives off.

He pulls over to sleep and leaves the lights on.  When Tarzan wakes up the car will not start.  He cries out, “I know what to do this time!”  He puts gas in the car and turns the key and nothing happens.

Tarzan does not yet know about electricity so he does not know to get a battery boost.

The moral of this story is this:

  • There are things we think we know
  • There are things we don’t know
  • There are things we know we don’t know
  • There are things we don’t know we don’t know

Putting one step before another step we are perpetually working and learning backwards towards the source. We started with creation and now we’re at molecules, for example. I do not know what you want. I don’t know what the source is to you. What I do know is this. We are literally made of the exact same stuff, we are moving in the same direction, we love, and we want.

What I mean to say is, the means IS the end. TaDAH!